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Bandsaw Rehab

Make 6, Week 4

This project was restoring a used bandsaw I found on Book of Faces. This is an older Delta 14-inch that I think was made in 2001. Doing the research, it was one of the last Delta models made in the USA and is generally considered quality iron. It was purchased by a GM guy when he retired to mess around in the garage. It sat for a few years and gathered rust, but otherwise seemed in great condition.

Delta 28-216 14-inch Bandsaw
Delta 28-216 14-inch Bandsaw
Rusty Delta Bandsaw Table
Before: Rusty table

I set out to clean it up and get it rolling again. I scrubbed the table and didn’t get too far with it, so I soaked it in vinegar. That worked well and I had a nice smooth table. The guide adjustment hardware was pretty gummed up too with rust. I tried scrubbing and couldn’t get the lower guides to function well. So, I soaked that in vinegar too… Well, the mounts apparently were aluminum and when I threaded the bolts back in, the threads on the mounts basically wilted away.


So, that was a little too aggressive and lesson learned.

The good news is the table cleaned up pretty well and is nice and smooth. I coated it with Boeshield and it’s ready to go.

Restored Delta Bandsaw Table
After: Restored Table

To address the guides debacle, I did some searching for used parts. I opted to buy the well-regarded Carter Products guide kit. They’re pricey, but used parts that are complete and in good condition don’t seem to be much cheaper. This basically doubled the price of my saw, but they are really nice. Mistake or not, these seem a great upgrade.

Regardless, the saw is up and running!