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Blueberry Pie

Make 3, Week 3

We all went picking Blueberries at Uncle John’s Cider Mill. We brought back over six pounds, so there was plenty for baking. I don’t really like blueberry pie, but this was pretty good. (Since the holidays, I’ve been baking my way through Art of the Pie, so I can check that off.)

I’m getting the hang of pie crust. I put it together in the food processor, then let this rest in the fridge for 30 minutes and rolled. It came out perfect. I do everything by weight and don’t fuss with it. The recipe makes two crusts. I roll both and put into pie plates and freeze one for another day.

Blueberry Pie Unbaked Blueberry Pie Baked

Filling Art of the Pie Blueberry Pie

Double Crust (Adapted from Art of the Pie)

363g AP flour
1/2 tsp salt
112g butter cut into small pieces
112g frozen leaf lard cut into small pieces
118g ice water (50g, 50g, 18g additions)
My Crumble
Sprinkle 50g sugar and 12g flour over top of filling in pie plate. This makes it gooey sweet.
  • 100g All-purpose Flour 100g
  • 75g cups Packed Brown Sugar 75g
  • 45g Tablespoons Granulated Sugar
  • Cinnamon
  • Pinch Salt
  • 85g frozen unsalted butter (cut Into Small Pieces)

Mix in food processor until it’s like cookie dough. Break into marble size pieces and put in the fridge.


Miter Saw Cart

Make 2, Week 2

I’ve had this Craftsman miter saw for many years. It doesn’t have a fancy rail/joint for larger cuts, but it works well enough for making straight cuts and miters. It came with a metal stand that was falling apart, so I wanted to create a new cart. Also, I wanted to put it on wheels for my plans to make a modular workshop. The idea is I can tuck this in the corner and wheel out it out when needed.

Miter Saw Bench

Eventually, I want to make some drawers for this cart for extra storage. I’ll add the sides when I figure out how I want to build the drawers. I also left a little overhang for clamping. I bolted saw bolted on to the table top.

Miter Saw Cart



I’m thinking of removing two wheels and extending those two legs. I’m playing around with the wheel barrow idea to have a mobile cart, but still stable on swivel casters. Plus, it will free up a couple of casters for another project.


Work Cart on Wheels

Make 1, Week 1

Over the 4th of July holiday, I learned my way around SketchUp and got interested in building something. Our garage has an attached addition that I recently reorganized after selling my brewer equipment. I had about 100 square feet open and thought about gathering my tools and making a little workshop. I thought a small workbench would be a nice place to start.

A couple years ago I bought a portable table saw to do laminate flooring. I’m sure I figured I’d use it for all sorts of things, but really I spent the following years just moving it around the garage.

The table has a short outfeed, which made it a hassle to set up and use. So, I thought it would be nice if my workbench could serve as an outfeed table for this saw. That gave me the idea of putting it on wheels. If it was on wheels, I could configure this small workshop how I wanted, or bring it out into the garage or driveway. Given I have a small space, being able to stage things seemed a good way to maximize this space.

I found these wheels on Amazon that lift. When they’re in the down position, the table sits on boards, when pressed down, they roll. These are nice big casters that glide the table around nicely. They’re expensive, and not as strong as regular bottom casters, but they work and the table is fully stable when down, which isn’t possible even with wheel locks.

The cart is made of 2x4s and plywood.

Work Cart



I’m probably going to replace the top of this cart. I want to extend the top further to one side to add a vice and holes for bench dogs. I’ll probably just put on a new top and see if that holds. Or I might rebuild and do a frame for the vice.

Also, the cart should be shorter. I only gave myself a 1/2 inch between my saw table and the top of this cart. If everything isn’t perfectly level, there isn’t a smooth outfeed from my saw. I may remove the wheels and shorten the legs an inch. Also, I’ve since purchased the extension kits for the Bosch saw, so that makes a table less necessary.

I’m not in love with these casters. I keep bumping into them with my feet and shins. They also stick out and keep the table from going right up against the wall. They roll really well and it is nice to have a stable surface when they’re down. On my new carts I’m making, I’m switching to using two locking swivel casters and two wooden legs. Sort of like a wheel barrow. I’m hoping this will be more stable than four wheels, but still mobile to move around. Plus it will be much cheaper building.


52 Week Maker Challenge

So, I had this idea. I’ve never been much of a carpenter or woodworker. My projects get the job done, but are crooked and ugly. I decided I wanted to get better at this, and to do so, I started a bunch of projects. That got me thinking I should try to do one project a week. I’m trying to do 52 projects in 52 weeks. Some weeks will have multiple finished projects, some will have done. Some will be simple projects and some may be projects to do other projects. Some may have a purpose and some will just to try something new.

So, I had this idea of doing 52 projects in 52 weeks. Some weeks will have multiple finished projects, some will have none. Some will be simple projects and some may be projects to do other projects. Some may have a purpose and some will just to try something new.

I’m also going to expand this to things beyond wood working. Home improvement, baking, cooking, etc. This blog will be where I document it all. Hopefully, there will be progress. 🙂