Planer/Spindle Sander Cart

Make 42

I’ve been looking at a spindle sander for a while and I like this Ridgid model because it has an oscillating wide belt, in addition to the oscillating spindles. So, that makes for more versatile than a conventional spindle sander, plus part of the table adjusts for an angle, which seems only available on higher end machines. The problem was I wasn’t too sure where I wanted to put it in my shop.

I saw the design for this cart when I made the last cabinet and I liked the idea of a flipping cart. So, I dismantled my planer cart and built this in its place.

This is pretty slick. Everything rotates on a steel pipe and the corners have locks. Everything seems solid and it’s working well. There’s also a drawer on the bottom to hold sanding accessories and whatever else.

I’m thinking of making another for my miter saw and router table to combine those two carts.


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