Miter Saw Cart

Make 2, Week 2

I’ve had this Craftsman miter saw for many years. It doesn’t have a fancy rail/joint for larger cuts, but it works well enough for making straight cuts and miters. It came with a metal stand that was falling apart, so I wanted to create a new cart. Also, I wanted to put it on wheels for my plans to make a modular workshop. The idea is I can tuck this in the corner and wheel out it out when needed.

Miter Saw Bench

Eventually, I want to make some drawers for this cart for extra storage. I’ll add the sides when I figure out how I want to build the drawers. I also left a little overhang for clamping. I bolted saw bolted on to the table top.

Miter Saw Cart



I’m thinking of removing two wheels and extending those two legs. I’m playing around with the wheel barrow idea to have a mobile cart, but still stable on swivel casters. Plus, it will free up a couple of casters for another project.


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