Kids Artwork Box

Make #44

When we got married, we had a gift that came in a little 12×8 wooden box. My wife has been using this box to store our favorite artwork from the kids. It’s been overflowing and she requested I make a bigger one.

This is another miter box with splines. I originally set out to make the cover by resawing thin veneer, then laminating it to plywood. I had 1/8-inch plywood and two 1/8-inch pieces of wood. This would about match the 3/8-inch sides. That was the plan anyway. The resawing went well on the bandsaw and then I planed it all down to 1/8-inch on the drum sander. The issue was I didn’t measure right and came up short for a cover. The plan was to try gluing it together then cutting it open and add hinges. This sat in the corner for a couple months before I gave up and just made a new cover by gluing boards together and calling it good.

This was made using reclaimed barn wood from a nearby barn. The dealer had a pile of assorted hardwood and I picked out some boards that I assume is oak. I milled this down and cut out the best sections. Then I glued together boards to make the box sides.

I like the way the barn wood looks. I don’t like working with it though. There’s a lot more pine available, so I could probably be more picky on the boards, but it was a chore to mill these flat and then work around major defects. I don’t mind the nail holes and small splits, but rot and other defects not too much. The biggest issue though was this stuff is really hard on my blades. After a couple projects, I had to replace the blades on my jointer and planer. One tip I figured out is to clean up the wood before running it through machines. I tried using a belt sander to clean things up and flatten a bit. It made a heck of a mess even with dust collection. Not sure I’m in much of a hurry to do anything with the other boards I’ve got.

Anyway, I finished this up with a couple coats of Arm-R-Seal Semi-Gloss.

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