Cross Cut Sled

Make 5, Week 3

My miter saw is 10-inches without a slide arm, so I need to make my larger cross cuts on the table saw. I made a simple sled with particle board for this task.

Cross Cut Slide Rails

There are two strips to fit in the saw’s miter slots and I added front and rear panels for the blade to┬átravel through. Both are glued and counter-sunk screwed. It works, although I need to fine tune it further to get the rear fence square. I also used furniture wax on the miter rails to make to slide better.

Cross Cut Slide Rails

I also use the table saw miter gauge to push cross cuts. I extended the miter gauge by screwing a board to it. I actually prefer the simple miter gauge. The sled is cumbersome and takes up a lot of space. Either way, I have if I need it.

Cross Cut Miter Fence



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