Box for Sharpening Gear

Make 43

I made a utility box to hold my various sharpening gear. I’ve got a bunch of stones/plates, guides, and accessories.

This is just plain pine from the big box store. I think I started with 1×10, jointed out the bows and twists, then milled it down to  3/8-inch. The bottom is 1/4-inch plywood set in a dado. The top is made from gluing two boards together and planing down to 1/4-inch. This was my second try on the cover. The first time the planer blew out a knot in the wood as I approached 1/4-inch. The second time I stopped around 1/2-inch – 3/8-inch and finished it off with the drum sander. My handle on the lid drifted on me when I glued it down, so it’s not centered.

I also added splines to the corners using my spine jig. I like this box construction method. It seems the easiest for me and I think the splines look neat, although they don’t really pop with the pine.

I finished it off with semi-gloss Arm-R-Seal. I used four coats because I expect there will be some water involved if everything doesn’t dry out. I think I prefer a satin finish.

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